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It’s Our Pleasure to Be a Company That Gives Back

At Fusion Legal & Tax, we have had the great opportunity and privilege to run a successful business for nearly two decades. Throughout that time, we have strived to become a company that gives back to the community, both locally and nationally.
An essential element of expressing our gratitude for your continued support is to share our success with organizations that look to improve the community. As such, we give back to help them continue their noble efforts.
We are honored to participate in these continued relationships as a company that gives back.


Hero's Puppy for Life
Formerly Veteran’s Puppy for Life, Hero’s Puppy for Life provides PTSD service dogs to both veterans and emergency first responders. These puppies are heroes who help bring renewal back to the quality of life lost due to trauma while serving our country and communities. These puppies are placed with vets and first responders permanently – for the life of the puppy or the individual – creating loving friendships for life!

Other Partnerships

Other wonderful organizations we’ve had the opportunity to support include:

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