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For your tax preparation this year, you will need a helpful tax organizer or tax preparation checklist, and we’re here to help at Fusion Legal & Tax. We’ve compiled an array of documents, tools, and resources to help you get organized ahead of the coming tax season.
Please use the links below to download our insightful Tax Organizer, instructions, engagement letter, and price sheet. If you need Tax Organizers for previous years, please contact our office at 720-378-4268 or submit a contact form. Please note that our current Tax Organizer is in a downloadable PDF format and is not interactive.

If you’d like, we can provide you with an interactive version of our Tax Organizer! However, we will first require some information from you in order to properly generate the form. If you would like an interactive version emailed to you, please contact our office to get started.

Please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader to view the PDF documents below.

Download Our Tax Organizer Documents

Our Tax Organizer document is in plain PDF format. That means you will need to print the organizer after completion (or print the pages as you go), and then upload it to your SmartVault account.

Download The Fusion Tax Organizer
Download The Tax Organizer Instructions for Personal & Business Returns
Download The Client Engagement Letter

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